Voice Recognition Software to Help Transcribe Audio

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I would like to have a software to help me transcribe an audio file my client needs. Even if erroneous, I want a voice recognition software to recognize what the audio file is talking about. Does anybody have a suggestion for the kind of software I want?

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Voice Recognition Software to Help Transcribe Audio


Dear Mr.Johan Weiz.


Your query refers to two different senses or statements.The one is about the voice of the person you want to recognize,and the other is those words that you listen and you want to recognize.Both of them have two different softwares.If you want to recognize the words,you will have to use a Speech Recognition software which is neither as much common nor found easily.Voice recognition software is used to recognize the voice and not more.For this,you will have to already store some voices in your system,so that the voice recognition software may act to match its given input in the form of voice.Almost 50 or more voices you save in your system and then turn your Voice Recognition on,it will one by one read all the voices to match.For windows xp.It is easily available with the name of  Voice Recognition Software.


Good Luck.

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