VODs copying issue in Camtasia

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Hi guys, I have a Camtasia and want to copy some VODs, however, I am facing with some troubles.

1. Sounds not working – the voice is working fine but the sounds of the games did not. Is there anybody knows what kind of troubles is this?

2. The VOD sounds bit wavy, definitely why?

My settings:

Tools –> Options –>

Video: Screen capture rate: 30 frames /sec

Capture codec: TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (this is error, I guess)

Audio: Microphone (SB Audigy, the microphone is connected to the computer)

Audio Format: PCM, 22.050 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono (is this sufficient?)

Is anyone knows about Camtasia and what error is this? I appreciate to those who help. Thanks to all.

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VODs copying issue in Camtasia


When copying the VOD files using Camtasia, are you copying the audio files too? In the DVD that has the game there are both audio and video files and you should copy both of them for the sound to work properly. The problem here is coming about as a result of you copying video files alone and neglecting the audio files.

Insert the DVD that has the game in the DVD drive of your computer, and then locate it among the drives that are on the computer by going to My Computer. Once there do the following:

  • Right click on the DVD drive, and then choose autoplay or explore.
  • You will see a folder with audio files and one with video files.
  • You can therefore copy both of them so that the sound of them will not be affected.

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