Could not save game, out of range error

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Hi all,

I was disturbed often while playing a game interlude, I love this game. So I used to save the game to continue in future. But today when I try to save it triggered me an error message saying it could not save. Before I used to save but now I could not, why? Did anything go wrong? Any guess? Help please.

Could not save as “Interlude” because out_of_range: Cmn_PolyVectormpl::At while translatingPaths.

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Could not save game, out of range error


A thing which you can do to solve the ‘out of range’ error is:
Try to change the video setting of your game which you will get either in the games support site or in the ‘read me’ file in the game CD/game directory.
Or, set up your monitor and update its driver settings.
Or, check that your monitor is capable of the Screen Refresh Rate.
Or, try to update your video driver which is very important.

Hope either of the above will help you to solve your problem.

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