VLC player cannot recognize the sub format

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When I open an audio file in VLC player, I am getting this error message. I played the same format files yesterday it was playing; now some files are showing this error message. This error is also pops up for some Avi video files too. Why it is not configured perfectly? What I have to look in the log for details? Please help.

Title: VLC can’t recognize the input’s format



VLC can’t recognize the input’s format:

The format of


cannot be deleted. Have a look at the log for details.

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VLC player cannot recognize the sub format


Normally, this type of errors happen when the player unable to find the path where the file is saved or may be the file format is not supported or it is corrupted file. Also check that you have selected the correct input format selected and ensure that there is a check in the check box for ‘Keep stream output open’. If it’s not solved then there might be some codec is missing. You can search the internet and download a codec pack.
You can do this too…. change the extension from .sub to .srt and then drag and drop it in VLC it is playing. What you do is on top of VLC player click on the ‘video/subtitle track’. Check that the tick is not on ‘disable’. Next go to’ tools/preference’, turn on the advanced setting and then navigate to subtitle/OSD and check ‘on’ the — ‘Autodetect subtitle files’. Now, in the ‘subtitle auto-detection paths’ type correctly the ’.subtitles’ and save this. If the problem still appears then uninstall VLC and try to install the latest version of VLC player.

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