Vlc Media Player is one of the best player.

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The other quality of VLC player is that you can download any subtitle and make it run on VLC player.

What are the files and other feature?

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Vlc Media Player is one of the best player.


First you should know that older formats can’t handle subtitles directly like AVI but formats like Matroska and OGM (you can find other formats stated below) can handle those subtitles.

You need to have video files and the subtitle files that contain the text of the subtitles and time stamps only. VLC handles subtitle files like MicroDVD, SubRIP, SubViewer, SSA, Sami and Vobsub.

The key features of the VLC: it requires no codecs for all standard and many other media files, decodes audio, supports subtitles, portable version available and open source and cross platforms.


Input Formats.

features of VLC VLC Input format

Video Formats.

Video Formats Of VLC

Audio Formats.

Audio format VLC supports

Subtitle/Tag Formats.

YUV -type chromas is not handled

A/V Outputs.

Audio and Video Outputs

A/V Filters.

Dynamic Range Compressor


Command Line
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Vlc Media Player is one of the best player.


Other features of VLC are: playlist support, subtitles support, increase or decrease playback speed, support for screen casting (this is more on desktop recording), live streaming (unencrypted content to a monitor or HDTV), in file and video effects, playback of damaged, incomplete or unfinished video files.

Access media files with .ISO disk images, Direct X and Direct 3D Desktop models for video playbacks, playback DVD’s regardless of region coding (RPC-1 firmware drives only), portable version available, free and open source.

VLC is a versatile player for it plays everything. It is working on different platforms such as Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, BeOS and WinCE.

VLC also allows the user to create skins faster and easier with the help of WYSIWYG editor. With the VLS Skin editor a designer can create skins for the VLC Media Player without having to know about the internal structures of VLC’s skin files.

So if you think a great media player, think VLC!

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Vlc Media Player is one of the best player.



VLC Media Player is the best media player I can say I have ever had. It is also the fastest. Besides, it has many other benefits that can be hardly found in any other media players.

Check this Techyv blog: Top 13 Benefits of VLC

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