What is updated in HTC One X’s new version?

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HTC's added some extra functions in its new version of One X. What kind of updated has been added in it? Is it application based or anything else?

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What is updated in HTC One X’s new version?


Dear Salie,

Yes, there is another version of HTC’s One X which is called One XL. Actually the worldwide version of this handset is known as The Original One X and The North American Version is called One XL. Outside of North America where the both handsets are sold alongside, the North American version has got the “L” added after the One X in short Of “LTE”. HTC One XL is 0.4 mm taller than the One X.

The XL version has 16 GB of memory where the One X has 32 GB of memory. The International and The Original HTC One X features a NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC with a 1.5 GHz quad-core ​Multi-core processor  ARM Cortex-A9 CPU where The North American LTE version HTC One XL features a 1.5 GHz dual-core ​Qualcomm Incorporated Snapdragon S4 CPU.

As for common tasks the statistics show that the battery of the International One X version lasts longer but in case of web browsing the One XL version performed 15-30% better.


Surette Peck

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What is updated in HTC One X’s new version?




It’s a simple Android update for the HTC One X. It’s enhanced to Android 4.0.4. This gives the users enhanced experience in terms of:

Camera – there are improvements in autofocus and white balance

Multitasking options in the browser — there will be a dedicated button to do the tab switching

Recent App Key – allows customers to work on the menu functionality through one of its keys.

Audio enhancements – not only for listening to music but also when making calls

Other enhancements to other apps like Facebook’s single sign-on 

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