The virtual machine will reset now.

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Hello Viewer,

Can any of you tell what can fix the error mentioned in the following screenshot?

An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered.

The virtual machine will reset now.

I am badly in need of the solution. ASAP, please.

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The virtual machine will reset now.


Hi Jeo Tolbert


Well I recently found this problem after various attempts to Google search I had solved my problem and I have a solution for you.
There are some incompatibilities issues between Microsoft Virtual PC and non Microsoft Operating system.
It’s actually a boot loader problem.
Where you have to edit some parameters to get rid of this problem
You have to install OpenSUSE if it is not installed.
On first boot you have to use this parameter (“noreplace-paravirt”).
Add it as permanent parameter into grub.
You won’t have to type it on every boot.
Yast -> System -> Boot Loader ->select OpenSUSE 11.0 and edit -> add noreplace-paravirt to optional kernel command line parameter.
At the last you have to separated by space from others then OK and FINISH it.
I hope you’ll not get this problem again in future. Good Luck!
Jhonstoon Leen

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