A4 Tech Model K-5 Failure

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We bought this webcam, model a4 tech model k-5 yesterday and tested it.

It was first okay but then when I used it awhile ago it does not display.

I can’t see my face on the screen. It just shows a black background.

Is it just me or is it with my webcam?

A4 tech pc camera H#5-camera task
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A4 Tech Model K-5 Failure


Check if your webcam is installed properly, you can uninstall and then reinstall it via device manger of your Windows. If it is properly installed and even then not working properly then certainly you got fault in your webcam’s lens. In this situation you can plug your webcam into any other computer to check if it is working there or still showing same dull screen.

If it is working then reinstall virus free new operating system and reinstall your webcam but if it is not working on any other machine then you have to be more certain about its lens.

If you bought this webcam with warranty and still its warranty is valid then you better claim your webcam’s warranty.

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A4 Tech Model K-5 Failure


There are some users that forgot to slide down the lens protector of the A4 tech webcams, but I don't think its the case here. Any way you don't need to worry a thing because we can try several methods to make this work.

1. Try unplugging the USB connection and reconnect it once again to your computer.

2. Remove the installed program and driver for this device and then reinstall it again.

3. Otherwise, have it replace if the warranty is still available, it might be a defective lens.

To me I just the number 2 solution when my webcam successfully started many times before failing out. It worked for me so I'm sure it will work for you too.

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