Virtual Machine conversion error occurred.

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I am facing a problem with the conversion of Virtual Machine. When I am trying to convert server by using ‘VMwareVcenterVConverter, an error message is coming which says ‘Fatal error due to network failure. Please confirm your network settings’. Please help me to get out of this problem. Thanks in advance.



Fatal Error due to network failure. Please confirm your network setting!


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Virtual Machine conversion error occurred.


Try the following things to solve your problem

  • Install VMWare again and install the windows again in it. It is not as lengthy as installing the main windows. There might be few bugs in Windows server that you are using
  • After that check if your LAN connection is unplugged. If it is unplugged, plug it again. If it is shared then use the original LAN connection just to setup the server and after that you can use the older way.
  • There are few bugs in VConverter 4.0. You should better try VConverter 3.0.3 because it has no compatibility issue with the Windows Server.
  • Try disabling virtual media drivers and reboot. After that do the copy paste and see if it comes again
  • If you are trying to copy it on your desktop then use the hosted as a destination instead of VCentre.
  • If you are using account that has administrator privileges to gain access to the source then convert it to hosted VM and then convert to ESX.

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