Virtual DJ- Array variable subscript badly formatted

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I am using Virtual DJ in my computer with Vista O.S.  I got this error message every time I attempt to run the software.

The error message includes character’s which I don’t recognize and don’t understand.  I don’t have any idea why this error appears. I searched through internet but can’t find the exact answer.

Please help me! I trust this site so much because my other problems resolved by submitting I.T related problems here, please help me to this one.



Autolt Error

Line 0  (File “C:Program FilesVirtualDJrunVDJ.exe”):

$ILine = _StringToHex( StringStripWS($aRecords[$x], 3 ) )

$ILine = _StringToHex( StringStripWS($aRecords[^ ERROR

Error: Array variable subscript badly formatted.

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Virtual DJ- Array variable subscript badly formatted


Hello Daisy,


To be able to solve your problem, try doing the following:

  • Run two copies of WOW at the same time
  • Open wow infinity
  • Choose any one of them
  • Close the other one

For more information, you can visit the forums through the links below:

Informational Site 1

Informational Site 2

I hope it might help.



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Virtual DJ- Array variable subscript badly formatted




Maybe there an corrupted files to your software you just simply download another software and then uninstall the old software and then after that your just simply install the downloaded software to your computer and then try this just simply try download the error repair tools from the net and then after downloading the software you just simply install that to your computer and the after installing the software you just simply scan the software and then after scanning the software just simply repair the found errors from the software and try to scan your system if there an application or files that infected an viruses or maybe an spyware just simply try that. 


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