What is error code #50351?

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I’m fed up with this error. Please help me. I’m stuck.

Je aanvraag kon niet worden verwerkt



Je aanvraag kon niet worden verwerkt

We kunnen je aanvraag nu niet voltooien.

Als je dit bericht meer dan eens ontvangt, kun je contact met ons opnemen en doen wij ons
best om je te helpen.

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What is error code #50351?

I'm sorry to hear (or read) that you are having problems with processing your transaction on eBay. 
Fortunately, there are several solutions that we can consider when getting that error:
1. Please check that your browser is updated as it may not process the scripts properly (for security purposes). (You may also use a different browser (make sure it is also updated).
2. If you are trying to transact using PayPal, please consider the following:
2.1 Make sure that your account is fully verified.
2.2 Payments in certain locations (such as India) are currently automatically reversed (they oftentimes get the #50351 errors) (if this is the case, please choose a different payment method).
PS: If you are using PayPal please make sure to check your account to see if the account was anyway affected by that error. 
I wish you good luck in your eBay transaction.
Paul Pinalb

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