Vigor2830 and Vigor800 WIFI connection

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I just installed a 2830 with an AP800 providing wireless. I am having a strange issue, where the wireless is working fine and devices can happily use the internet, next internet stops but with no change to wireless connection on the devices.

Wireless connection doesn’t drop, IP address is still active but without internet.

Please tell me how to solve this problem?



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Vigor2830 and Vigor800 WIFI connection



First and Foremost, try to do a Power Cycle.  

Unplug the router, then try  plugging it back again (this will cause a Reboot and often solve issues concerning internet connections).

If you configured the DHCP statically and Yes it would not be able to drop an IP address. I think your situation is concerned with ISP problems because it is only the ISP can give out internet connectivity, try contacting your ISP and tell them your problem. 

And if doing a power cycle didn’t work, you can also try hitting the reset button, at the back portion of your router.  It restores the router to its factory default settings and you may need to reconfigure it again.



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