Viewing of previous internet visited sites

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Dear All Readers,

I am currently using Internet Explorer as my browser usually. Other than me, my little brother is using our home PC. And I would like to check the websites that he is accessing.

Unfortunately, whenever I do check it, sites were cleared. Is there a way for me to view it, even if he has cleared it?

Thank you folks.

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Viewing of previous internet visited sites


Hi Jessica, I have no idea about the versions of MS Internet Explorer or MS Windows OS. However you could try to follow these steps to retrieve the deleted history in IE.

Method 1:

  1. Choose ‘Start’ and ‘Search’ option.
  2. From ‘Search’ option, choose ‘Files and Folders’ and in search box type in  index.dat.
  3. Choose C: drive only and in ‘More Advanced Options’, choose ‘Search Sub-folders options’, ‘Search history Files & Folders’ and ‘Search windows Files’.
  4. Choose ‘Search’ and Window is minimized.
  5. Visit and download Index.dat reader from following link

  6. Install the above and the deleted history could be retrieved now.

Method 2:

  1. Choose ‘My Computer’ and ‘Documents and Settings’.
  2. Choose the user name who logon the computer.
  3. Choose ‘Local Settings’ and then ’History’.
  4. Find the file from the list.

Content Advisor in IE shall be enabled.

  • Open IE.
  • On menu bar, choose ‘Tools’ and ‘Internet Options’. If you can’t find menu bar, click right any free space and choose Menu bar.
  • Choose tab ‘Content’.
  • Then ‘Content Advisor’ shall be enabled.
  • Choose every category and set level by using slider.
  • Select ‘Approved Sites’ and manually enter all websites.  Then if you would like to approve that website, select ‘Always’, if you would like to disapprove that website, select ‘Never’.
  • A supervisor password shall be set under ‘General’ tab and rating systems are found.
  • Whenever options of Content Advisor are going to change or the access of a restricted website is tried, password is required.

Also, you could use Parental Control.
However, parental control option has not been built in Windows XP. You might go to these websites to download or purchase other software. or

If Windows Vista is running on your computer, there is a built-in feature that you can use to restrict your children’s access of website.  The restriction includes the game type, the access time and even the websites browsing.

To enable the restrictions, follow these steps please.

  1. Select ‘Start’ and ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Select ‘set-up Parental Controls’ under ‘User Accounts’.
  3. Logon as Administrator and enter password.
  4. Select any user account and choose ‘On’ of ‘Parental Controls’. The user account shall be the one that you intend to control.
  5. Then select the ‘Time Limit’ and enter the hours when access is allowed.
  6. Then choose ‘Windows Vista Web Filter’ and ‘block some websites or content’ under ‘edit allow and block List’.
  7. Type in any website address which shall be blocked or allowed.

For more information, please visit the follows link at
You can also find some details at following link

 If you use Windows 7, please visit follow link at

Hope this could helps.

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Viewing of previous internet visited sites


Hi! Jessica,

I will give you some solutions to help you solve the problem you want, hope it works.


1. Open the "Internet Explorer"browser.

2. Click the star icon in the toolbar, near at the top of browser window.

3. Click on "History" button and a pop-up will appear that will show your browsing history.


1. Check the cookies, Go to tools to Internet Option then select "Setting" under the browser history and click the "View Files". This will also show any kind of Temporary Internet Files from website that the browser has visited.

2. Check the folder trash,just in case they forgot to cover their tracks. If it's not in your trash folder you use a program like "NTFS undelete", that allows you to recover a certain file even it's already remove from Trash folder. This is a solution for immediately after the history has been erased.

3. Enable router's logging feature to keep the track of all the websites that visited via the router. This can be the result of white noise, depending on how many users on that kind of network and the times your household uses the network, but it cannot be beat by deleting the history or cookies. Check the routers user manual or website for details on how to enable a logging.

4. Install a keylogger on the computer. Keylogger make a record of every kind of the key strokes, typically this kind of information as a texfile. There are also several different varieties of keylogger and some are considered more stealthy than others, including the Family Keyloggers and the Smart Keystroke Recorder.

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