Upgrading IE7 to IE8 using WSUS

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I was planning to upgrade our IE7 in the production area to E8. We are currently under one domain, and I was planning to deploy it using WSUS. My question is how to upgrade IE7 to IE8 via WSUS?

What are the basic prerequisites before we can deploy it.

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Upgrading IE7 to IE8 using WSUS


By using WSUS upgrading to IE8 you will get all the supporting languages in your IE browser.

For upgrading to IE8:
1. Select ‘Update Rollup’ category from ‘Updates’ WSUS window.
2. Accepts the license terms for IE8.

Requirements for deploying IE8:
1.    To deploy IE8 you need to install Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8(IEAK8).
2.    First you check the system requirements for installing IE8 including processor speed of 233 MHz, Memory

        512MB,Hard   Disk space of 100 MB. Ensure that you have all these requirements before installing IE8.
3.    Test computer that shows the OS of your organization. An accessible Internet connection

        and  web applications for testing.
4.    If you want to deploy using WSUS you should have a WSUS server.

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