View image picture bmp on dos

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I have a bunch of codes for viewing files using the dos platform but none of them is to view image picture BMP on dos.

Can you share commands to view images on dos?

And if there is a way to resize the pictures or borders, please include them if you have some information.

It will help a lot.

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View image picture bmp on dos


Viewing image picture BMP on dos is not possible. You could be able to do some black & white; white imagery with ASM, but not with C. Or assuming you mean a real dos as opposed to a console, then here's a link that could help:

This program demonstrates drawing bitmaps, including transparent bitmaps.

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View image picture bmp on dos


Hello Justin,

Viewing image files in DOS is not possible as DOS does not supports graphics, but if you want to load some bitmap files then some code with C can help you with the same but remember the image size will be less that the screen size.

It will be 8bit image and you cannot get same screen resolution.

I am sharing one code sample that will help you to achieve the same.

Have a look at the code snippet.


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