How to split and print Photoshop edited photos?

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How to split and print photoshop edited photos? I am a photo editor in my brother’s advertising company. We switched to the latest version of the photoshop which is adobe photoshop cs5, I am very familiar with the older one. Now I need to find out how to split and print photoshop photos. Can you please give me some idea?



Christine Yong.

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How to split and print Photoshop edited photos?


Hello Christine,

For splitting, just follow these easy steps:

1. Open the image by dragging and dropping the image into Photoshop's gray working area. You may use an image that is already black and white, or you can use a color image; both will end with the same result.

2. If the image you selected is black and white, then you will not have to follow the next step. But if it is in color, then click "Image" then "Mode" then "Grayscale." The image will be converted to a grayscale color system. Use “Grayscale” and not “Desaturate”.

3. When the image is in black and white, you can apply the Duotone effect, which will result in a split tone. Now click “Image”, “Mode”, then “Duotone”. A settings window will open containing a drop-down menu. Click the menu, then "Duotone". Click the color box for both of the different tones, and select the colors.

4. Then click “File” and “Save As” and write the name under which you want to save the image. In order to print your Duotone image, you need to connect a printer with your computer and the software pre-installed into your computer. Now open the file which you want to print. Then press “Ctrl-P” then a box for printing will appear. Now you can print your image.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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