What to look while purchasing host?

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What should we look while purchasing a host for our website?I would like to get help from an expert who has experienced in it and also has good knowledge about the services that the hosting provider provides.

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What to look while purchasing host?


Here are few points you need to keep in mind when you go to purchase a host

1) Bandwidth : It is usually given as monthly limit, will be either in GB or MB.Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from the sever that is holding your website to the browser of the person who is looking at your website.
How much Bandwidth you want it is totally dependent on the number of users who will look at your website i mean to say user Traffic.
Never go for hosting companies that provide  " unlimited bandwidth " . If your website has lot of audio, video contents or huge software download then you may need more bandwidth, max around 40-50GB

2) Keep in mind the Diskspace as well. Generally webpages do not require much diskspace. Although Images take some space. If your website is not huge database driven site then diskspace shouldn't be an issue. Many hosting plans give large disk space which will not be really necessary unless your site is huge.
Somewhere around 20MB should be more than enough.

3) If your website is small, you will have to select a server type for your website. Linux is cheaper compared to Windows 2000 server. If you need Microsoft SQL database, then Windows 2000 server is a necessity.

4) Does your website providing 24/7 support? If yes, then web hosting companies will charge you high. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing a host. If you don't need one then clearly specify.

www.Findwebhosting.com site will give you useful information on this.
Hope this helps.

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What to look while purchasing host?


Can i host unlimited domains on a single hosting plan like abc.com, ABC1.com, ABC2.net like this…??

and Would i need any security services to b purchased if  i want to install paypal or any other payment gateway. reply please…

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What to look while purchasing host?


Purchasing a correct web hosting solution depends on to where you will primarily use it. Either for an online business, information resources or a discussion forum. So you have to know first the nature of your website and use a good web hosting service that will let everyone see your creation. Choosing a web host is a bit tricky considering the growing amounts of web hosting services and their astonishing advertisements. So it is important that you do some researching when selecting the most applicable service.

Here is the list of things to consider:

1. Many free web hosting company establish advertising on your website. Some of them will require you to insert a banner on your page or a pop up window when your website loads.

2. Consider the amount of web space and ensure that it is enough for your website's needs. If you have plans on expanding your website in the future, prepare for that expansion. Many sites use less than 5MB so depending on how many pictures, data, sound and video files and etc. you probably have needs that can change in the future.

3. FTP or the File Transfer Protocol is the most usual method that is being used to transfer websites and other files from computer to their hosts.

4. Many free hosting service has a max size on every file that you upload. And others have their restriction on the file types you upload.

5. The most important thing to consider is the speed of access and how reliable it is. When a site is always down, you will lose the chance of getting more visitors. When someone access your site and found out that it is down, he will try to look for other site. When your site is slow, your visitor will become frustrated.

6. You also need to know if the web hosting company provides PHP or Perl access. You need to know the type of environment your script will run.

7. These days, most of the free web hosting companies establishes a limit on your website traffic amount that you use in a day and in a month. Meaning, if your page is loaded by your visitors on a various number of times in a day, they will disable your web site or bill you out.

And a lot more to consider so you really have to do a research process before proceeding on choosing the most appropriate web hosting service.


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