Versions of the Internet Explorer Browsers and their uniqueness

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What makes Internet Explorer 10 Browser version different or unique from Internet Explorer 11 Browser version? I am operating Internet Explorer 10 Browser version on my laptop and have seen another version of the Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 11) quite recently. I would like to know if there are any special unique features between these two versions of browsers and can all these two browsers run on all Windows OS versions? Thank you.

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Versions of the Internet Explorer Browsers and their uniqueness



For your concern, Internet Explorer has been one of the worst internet browsers unless IE 11. Here’s the complete explanation.

Internet Explorer is the default internet browser that comes with Windows by default. Since the starting, it’s been the worst one. The page loading speed of a normal page took more than minutes, the content wasn’t clear. Even the tabbing system was so poor! For example, if you’ve used IE 8 or IE 9, you should understand how bad it was.

Then, the turning point came when Microsoft released IE 10. It came with all new features. With the complete new UI, core system, it became the competitive with the most other browsers. According to StatCounter Global Stats, the latest statistics of September, 2014, Google Chrome is on the top where IE is the second browser.

There are many improvements that’s required to defeat Chrome, as it’s the best of the best, for quite a long time. Google understands what the people want, and integrate the features inside the browser that has helped it become the most popular.

I recommend using Google Chrome. But if you like the new IE 11, you can use it, there’s no one stopping you.

Using several Internet Explorer isn't possible. You can have only one version on your system installed.

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