Exporting MS Powerpoint into Flash eBook problem

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Any idea why text are  disarrange in exported PowerPoint presentations in Issuu.com?

Isuu.com converts it into flash Ebook, but the format of the presentation is not the same as the original presentation..

Any explanation would help.



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Exporting MS Powerpoint into Flash eBook problem



There might be layout problems or font problems in your presentation. Small part of uploaded presentation might be distorted if it is not prepared correctly. Isuu have basic document requirements that you must comply like the maximum file size (500 page / 100mb), supported formats (pdf, doc, ppt, ods, odp, wpd, rtf, sxi and sxw), supported pdf versions (1.0-1.5 but they can convert versions above 1.5 but there is no guarantee that it will look OK) and that the document will open without problems in a desktop reader.

Make sure your fonts are embedded in the document you upload. Remember that Isuu cannot substitute the missing fonts. Or try exporting your powerpoint to pdf before you upload.

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Exporting MS Powerpoint into Flash eBook problem


Hello Crimsonpierce,


Normally, lssuu.com automatically converts your ppt file into your selected option of a flash ebook. However, at times, issues have been reported in uploading documents, because certain prerequisites have not been met.

In order to avoid this situation, you need to be sure about;

  • File size – needs to up to 100 MB at maximum
  • File formats – Only certain formats are accepted, like; .Pdf, .Doc, .Ppt, .ODs, .Odp , .Wpd, .Rtf, .Sxi and .Sxw. (So make sure, your powerpoint is .ppt and not .pptx)
  • Problems with file opening – It needs to be open easily with any desktop reader like Acrobat Reader or Preview.
  • Password Protected – Files which are password protected facing issues while uploading to lssuu.com.

Another option is to, export your presentation file into a pdf and then try uploading it over lssuu.com. Through this way, your format would be saved as it is in a pdf and you can easily upload later.

Happy uploading!


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