Verification of your team viewer version failed

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Hi Mates,

I have a question related to Team Viewer.

I am a new user to this software and hope this would help me connect to my friends systems to fix there software issues in which i am good at. But now i am stuck with a software issue which i need help with.

Critical Error!

Verification of your TeamViewer version failed!

TeamViewer will quit for security reasons. Please reinstall TeamViewer.


Can anyone help.


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Verification of your team viewer version failed


Hi there

This error occur when the team viewer trial period is over or it’s a pirate copy. And also if you tried to manipulate it and you have been caught this error will occur. So in order to avoid this you can do two thing

1st Find and Install a full version team viewer from web

2nd Try turning off your virus guard

If these are not available I’m afraid you have to buy the software

Hope these information help you

Taylor B Campus

Thank you

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Verification of your team viewer version failed


I’m not sure if this problem was actually solved because there seems to be a lot of people experiencing this same problem and already reported it to the developer but it seems none has come up with a solution. I’m not sure if this will also work on Microsoft Windows since this solution was applied on Linux and worked. But anyway, here it is.

The idea is that if your current version throws that error, you need to uninstall it, install a somewhat older version, and then install your current version on top of the older version. Before doing this, try first installing the latest version if you haven’t updated yet to the latest. For Windows, go to TeamViewer for Windows. Check first if the latest version will work on your computer.

If the problem didn’t change, uninstall your existing version then go to TeamViewer on FileHippo. Download and install a much older version than the one you are using. Once installed, see if it’s going to work. If it’s working and you are not seeing any problem, don’t uninstall it. Run the installer of the latest version or any newer version you previously used.

It will install on top of the older version just like when upgrading. See if this works.

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