VB 6.0 How to display report with pic.

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How to display reports with pictures for each record along with other data saved in my database?

Please help me.

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VB 6.0 How to display report with pic.


Visual Basic Data Reports cannot display Images stored for each record in database. However some fixed images can be displayed. In order to display such records you may try to create files in HTML format from Visual basic and open the report using Internet  Explorer. The best way is to

1. Open files in text mode

2. Assign necessary html elements and tags.

3. Put the database variables in proper position in the html document.

4. Save it and open with Internet Explorer.

5. Dim xx as new Internet Explorer

6. xx . openUrl(< file name>)

Else Another option Is to Install Crystal Reports which is easily accessible through Visual Basic.


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VB 6.0 How to display report with pic.



Since you want visual representations of your database, you can use Crystal Report. It is a reporting program that will let you produce reports coming from different data sources. With it you can make reports, print preview as well as print. It works on SQL Server and VB.NET. For an example, here is a brief explanation of creating a Crystal Report using VB.NET.

  • Start Visual Studio .NET then create or choose a new project. Click Project, Add New Item, and then select Crystal Report.
  • Select the report type from the Crystal Reports Gallery, accept the default settings, and then hit OK.
  • In “Create New Connection”, select OLE DB [ADO]. This sets the proper connection to your SQL database server.
  • Choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.
  • Select the SQL Server Name and then enter your user ID and password. Next select your Database Name, click Next followed by Finish.

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