Vb 6.0 different from vb.net

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Is V B 6.0 Different from vb. net. If so, how please explain.

Thanks for your reply in advance.

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Vb 6.0 different from vb.net



Upgradations of VB.NET

1.    Object Oriented Concepts of Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation (PIE), operation overloading, parameterized constructors, class-level attributes and operations are incorporated into VB.NET.

2.    You can pass arguments to Function by Value and also By reference.

3.    Two or more variables can be declared with the same Dim statement.

4.    Data types Variant and Currency are erased, New Datatypes are Long & decimal.

5.    API’s are enhanced.

6.    Need to set name space for different commands. Need to know their classes where they are kept.

7.    Arrays can be created with index starting from 0.

8.    Default properties for a control are not available.

9.    Let Get and Resize properties are introduced.

10. Data Access ADO,DAO, RDO. etc

11.   Early Binding, Free threading are new issues.

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Vb 6.0 different from vb.net



Difference between VB 6 and VB.Net

  •     Runtime Environment of the two versions are different. VB 6 used the VB-Runtime. VB.Net used the .Net Common Language Runtime (.Net CLR).


  •     In terms of object oriented support, VB.Net is much enhanced.


  •     VB.Net uses ASP.NET in creating web applications while VB 6 used ASP.


  •     VB 6 used standard library compared to .NET independent class library along with enhanced VB library of VB.Net


  •     Other features of VB.Net is you can use reflections to read the meta-data. It can also generate code to define and invoke types of runtime.


  •     VB.Net has Try…Catch… syntax to handle exceptions at runtime while VB 6 used 'On Error Goto'


  •     VB.Net has no hidden code from the developer, means you can access and control your application.


  •     VB.Net is a compiled language, VB 6 is interpreter based language.


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