Is it possible to open reader PDF save as text in VBA?

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Is it possible that I will be able to open a PDF file and save it as Text in Visual Basic applications? There are some instances that let me think about those technical things and just curious if it will be possible. I am asking some accurate answers that would prove me if it is true or not. Thanks

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Is it possible to open reader PDF save as text in VBA?


You normally cannot open a PDF file on Visual Basic; you need an add-on to open this kind of file. Here are some of the steps on how to open a PDF in Visual Basic using bytestoPDF add-on.

  • First, download the add-on component and then install it on your computer. You can download the bytestoPDF add-on component from ByteScout. You may also check the page for their guide on using the add-on component.
  • Click Project menu in Visual Studio .NET then select Add Reference.
  • Click Browse then select “Bytescout.PDF.Demo.dll”. Click OK afterwards.
  • Add “Imports Bytescout.PDF” located at the top of the file to allow you to call classes and use the component.

For the rest of the instructions, please visit eHow™ tech — How to Open a PDF in Visual Basic.

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