Utilizing form merge in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003

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What are the procedures involved in form merge a variety of forms in order to consolidate corelated data for the purpose of efficient summarizing or comparisons in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003? 


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Utilizing form merge in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003



To understand the form merging process, follow the following steps

  1. You will need to get the list of forms you want to merge. To get the list of forms that you selected in the Merge Forms dialog box, you can use InfoPath where more than one form can be selected.
  2. Second step is to obtain the XML schema of the form to be merged. You can use InfoPath which obtains the XML schema of each form to be merged, basing the search on the name attribute in the form's processing instructions
  3. Third step is to apply the transform. During transformation, the .xsl file associated with the XML schema which is specified in the .xsf file is used, in case the source form can be validated based on an XML schema, and is used in the transformation of the form's data into a set of instructions that InfoPath can understand to perform the merge. If the data already matches the XML schema of the currently opened form, transforming the data is unnecessary.
  4. The data from the two forms is merged in this step. Each operation is validated against the source schema during merge. In case an operation does not produce valid XML, the particular operation is rolled back and the rest of the merge continues to be processed.
  5. The last step is to Fire the OnAfterImport event. This OnAfterImport event occurs after the data is merged and validation is successful. This event can be used to provide further processing of the merged data.

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