Using my iPhone as a dashcam

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Hello everyone! I have an iPhone that I do not use anymore. So I am thinking of using it as a dashcam in my car. So I would like to know what is the best dashcam app for iPhone available right now. I looked for a few on the Internet but I am not sure that I actually got the best answer. Someone here, who has actually used it before? Please let me know and please list down all the pros and cons as well. My second question is are there any issues or should I be concerned in someway while using iPhone as a dashcam? Thanks in advance!

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Using my iPhone as a dashcam


Hello Allen!

That is a good idea to use your old IPhone as your dashcam. There are lots of dashboard camera application for IPhone hat you can download for free.

It is a simple application where in you can record videos, capture still and moving images, voice control features and can store your recorded files in cloud. One of the best is the “CarCamApp.” You can record videos with no limit. You can time stamp and location stamp your videos.

The best features of any dash-cam is that you’ll be able to record/capture beautiful sites while driving. You can capture the even worst car accidents and corrupted police officers. I just used this one time since we don’t use this much often.

If I am the driver certainly I will use it. Plus I cannot play other videos or cannot even play music while using the application.

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