Using .exe files in Ubuntu

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Currently I am using a Ubuntu operating system.

Ubuntu is great but sometimes I need to use some .exe files.

Is there any way to use .exe files in Ubuntu ?

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Using .exe files in Ubuntu


Dorothy C Hoskin


I am glad to see one more user of Ubuntu. No doubt this is the most reliable O/S (Linux) in my opinion, however, there are some nags , like your issue of the ability to use executable files (.exe) in this operating system.

Luckily, there is some work-around to use the .exe files in this O/s, and the most common is software called “WineHQ”. After installing wineHq you can run all .exe files in the Linux systems including Ubuntu.

This software can be accessed from: (for Ubuntu select Ubuntu packages).

When you click on the Ubuntu packages, you will be guided to some simple steps to get the wine repository OR

you can follow the steps in the link below:

When the file is downloaded and installed click on close option,  and then choose reload the page option when prompted. Now you are ready to install any .exe file.

To Install the .exe files follow the instructions:

1. From Command line type “$ wine application.exe” (application is to be replaced by the name of your exe file name e.g: if I want to install “apache.exe” I will type “”$ wine apache.exe”

However, make sure your exe file is located in the following path Path=”c:windows;c:windowssystem;e:;e:apache;f:.”

2. You can type this command if the application is not in the path described above : “$ wine c:\myapps\apache.exe”  This will launch the program to be launched in Ubuntu.



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