Use correct NLSF commands to paste parameters of each plot

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I have written a code using Origin 9.0.0 that contains a loop which produces plots with curves. Each row consists of a certain rows that fit together in a non linear function. The code I have written uses old nlsf commands but the problem is that I cannot make it to paste the parameters of each plot. I have tried

nlsf.pasteToPlot = 1;

nlsf.pasteToPlot = 2;


 but this did not work. Please provide me the correct code that enables me to paste the parameters correctly. Thanks

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Use correct NLSF commands to paste parameters of each plot


This was the problem with the old NLSF fitter which unfortunately had that behavior. The parameter object was also named "FIT.P", which meant that automatic addressing is impossible. To fix the problem you're dealing with, use this code:

1. nlsf.pasteToPlot = 1;

2. nlsf.pasteToPlot = 2;

3. nlsf.PasteParams(P);

Notice that P is not under quotes. This should work but still, make sure that a graph window is active and that, after fitting, the command executes.

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