Upgrading Ram on Laptop which make to use

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I am currently looking into upgrading the amount of ram on my laptop. I heard that the increase in ram can be very complicated on mobile platforms. I have a Sony Vaio and I currently have 4 gigs of Ram on the laptop. How can I check how much more my laptop can handle? Is it possible to install any make of Ram?

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Upgrading Ram on Laptop which make to use



RAM is the memory that is on the top use of all memory present in a PC. Laptops also run on smaller version of RAM but same performance as a desktop. Upgrading RAM is possible, but something must be remembered.

Sony Vaio is manufactured by Sony, so check your model and its specs from the official page. Find out how much RAM space can your laptop handle.

If you wish to upgrade your RAM, make sure to match the bus speed of the older RAM. If the bus speed is different on two RAMs, it’ll go worse than useless. If only one port is available, make sure to buy a RAM that meets the highest bus speed that your laptop can handle.

RAM space more than 4GB requires 64-bit OS, so after upgrading, install 64-bit Windows.

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