RAM chips are not suitable problem

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 I am posting here because I believe that you guys can solve this problem of mine. I inserted my VGA into another PC and it functioned properly. However, the screen did not display any signal. I have a feeling that maybe the RAM chips are not suitable for this, since they appear to be quite small.  Do you think I need DDR3?? I also exchanged RAM cards with other PCs and tested the VGA, but it is still the same. By the way, all the fans work, and everything is switched on. The connections are secure as well. Do you think my VGA’S Mobo slot might be broken?? 

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RAM chips are not suitable problem


If the screen did not display any signal, it's possible that you have a broken VGA cable, a broken VGA port, a defective monitor or a defective Video Graphics Adapter (VGA).


To test if your monitor is working, just disconnect it's VGA cable and don't connect it to anything, it should give you a message saying something like there's no signal. Also try using a known working monitor on your system and see if it displays anything. If it doesn't, try using a known working VGA cable. If it works, replace the cable. If it still doesn't work, you may need to have your video card replaced.

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RAM chips are not suitable problem


Hello Dear,

As you said, you have checked all the RAMs and VGA Cards on another computer, and they are working well on another computer, but not showing anything on your computer.

Here, I am going to give you a method to test your RAMs.

Remove all RAMs from the motherboard, run the CPU, and listen for the long beeps.

If you can hear them, your RAMs are OK, but if you still cannot hear any beeps, then your Motherboard has a problem. Call any technician to solve it.

If the RAMs are OK, then check the monitor cable, which is connected to your PC for Display.

It may be damaged.

I hope this helps you. Thanks.


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RAM chips are not suitable problem



Dear Ariana Monica,

Thanks for asking.

Dear it is a hardware problem. It has many reasons behind it.

  • Bus speed of RAM is not compatible with you motherboard.
  • Any physical damage is available.
  • RAM is not place well into slot.

 First check the Bus speed of your RAM is it compatible with motherboard?

Then check the RAM deeply if it has a minor damage on it. Sometimes dust creates such problem. Dust can short some pins of chips.

Clean the dust.

Place the RAM correctly into slot.

It will remove the problem. Thanks


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