Upgrading from i3 to i5, is it worth it?

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overclocked my Core i3 540 at 4.6 and it runs fine, but I am planning on upgrading it to i5 now. I know the motherboard will contain a SATA3 which is pretty good so I can use my SSD at its maximum performance. Do you think it's worth it or should I just wait for better deals or drops in prices?

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Upgrading from i3 to i5, is it worth it?


Upgrading to an Intel i5 is not a requirement for now. It would be recommended for you to upgrade to an Intel Haswell i7 if your motherboard supports it. However, i recommend reading the motherboard's manual and then upgrade to an i7 processor because the difference between an i3 overclocked at a rate of 4.6 GHz compared to an i5 is not going to be astonishing.

Taking in consideration that you want to use an SSD drive at its maximum performance, it's computational skills must match the processor's speed. That is why i recommend in upgrading to an i7.

About drops in prices, there is no better deal: finding an i7 processor on the market that is suitable for your motherboard is not a problem, and the price range will match the performance.

I advise in returning your current CPU to it's original frequency until you obtain a new processor, because long term overclocking might damage your CPU.

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