Upgrading to AUTOCAD 2015, its functions and specifications

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I would like to know more about AutoCad 2015. What are the best features of AutoCad 2015? What is ATF stands for? What is its function in AutoCad? What is the use of Autodesk BIM 360? What is the use of it? What are the system requirements? What are emulators? What is the purpose of this? Does it support 3D creations? What is rendering? With this, is it advisable to upgrade from old version 2013 to this new version?

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Upgrading to AUTOCAD 2015, its functions and specifications


Hello Rebecca!

Here are some of the best and new features of AutoCad 2015

1.   Smart Dimensioning – creates automatic measurements for your drawing

2.   Design – curves and invisible lines were enhanced in this version. It also shows you the description of a command before applying it in your drawing with 3D design support.

3.   Coordination Model – BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks supports file formats exports and imports.

4.   Sysvar Monitor – alerts the designer if there’s any changes done that might affect the design of drawing.

5.   Can attach PDF files to the drawings or plots.

6.   Can share drawings easily with TrustedDWG

Autodesk Translation Framework – supports the importing of mesh and curved lines in the plot or drawing.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – BIM helps multiple designers to work together. It helps the designer to plan, design and coordinate changes.

Here are the system requirements for upgrade or update of your AutoCad version.

1.   OS – from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1

2.   Processors – 32-bit P4 Amd Athlon with Dual Core 3.0 Ghz, 64-bit P4 and Athlon 64 or Opteron.

3.   RAM – 2 GB to 8GB will be better

4.   Monitor – 1024×768 with true color resolution

5.   Video card – with DirectX9 and 11.

6.   HDD – 6 GB

7.   .Net Framework

8.   Adobe Flash Player v10

Rendering is converting of polylines 2D or 3D to exact image. This takes a lot of time especially with complex objects. Upgrading your AutoCad is not bad especially for interior designer, architects, and engineers. Having more equipped updated tools and much easier to design and communicate with workgroups, upgrading makes you more competitive in the market. The answer here is upon the user of the software and if your computer will meet the requirements for upgrade.

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Upgrading to AUTOCAD 2015, its functions and specifications


If you want to install Autodesk AutoCAD 2015, make sure your computer meets the requirements. Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 supports Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition) and Windows 8.x both 32-bit and 64-bit. It requires Intel Pentium 4 or faster processor with SSE2 support, 2 GB RAM, Microsoft DirectX 9-compatible video card, 6 GB free space, Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher, and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

For the features, see this list for the top new features:

  • Printable/plotable online maps – this is a new imaging feature in Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 which allows online maps to be plotable or printable as long as you capture the map. This was a major feature that was not available in the imaging service of AutoCAD 2014.
  • Lasso selection – this is a new drafting feature that allows you to use the Lasso selection tool instead of using the Crossing Polygon or Window polygon.
  • Model space viewport resizing – this is a new interface feature. With this feature, you can now resize the model space viewports manually instead of setting at a constant ratio.
  • Block Galleries – this is a new Ribbon feature which allows you to access the Block Galleries in the Ribbon to quickly access blocks in the current drawing.

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