Load Library EX Start up.dll failed

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Hi guys

I am having problems using my Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 features ever since I got it.

The programmer itself installs okay but when I try to launch it this error sign keeps popping up.


LoadLibraryEX Startup.dll failed with error 127. The specified procedure could not be found.

My APPCS4  relies primarily on the Adobe Media Encoder component

I have already tried reinstalling it several times, but I keep getting the error message so that clearly isn’t the problem.

Any suggestions??


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Load Library EX Start up.dll failed


Hello James,

Adobe programs are prone to sudden crashes and bugs.

You have to cope up with this and make sure you save your projects adequately.

But it does not mean that you will have to cope up with the errors as well.  By following my suggestion, you can avoid the error message and get rid of it, permanently if ever.

Recheck your installer through an antivirus. Just to make sure there are no infected files lurking in your Adobe Premiere.

Then, proceed to this simple steps.

  • First, locate dvacore.dll in the Program Files of your Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Make a back up for safety precautions.
  • Rename the file you've just located into dvacore.dll.old
  • Then copy the dvacore.dll located in your Adobe Premier CS4.
  • Paste it to your Adobe Media Encoder folder.


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Load Library EX Start up.dll failed


Since the problem has to do with an error directly pointing to a particular file in the software, it could be a sign of data corruption but it may also be not since it was still able to recognize a procedure indicated by the file.

Because the problem directly associates to a file, you may try uninstalling it and then install it back. But the only downside of this task is that you are not sure whether or not its installation folder has been deleted after removing it.

To go around it, uninstall the program first then go to “C:Program Files” to check if the application’s folder or directory is still there.

If it is undeleted after uninstalling it, delete it manually and then restart your computer. If the system doesn’t allow you to delete it then maybe it is because of the present uninstallation task you did. If this happens, restart your machine then delete the folder manually after that. After deleting it, install it again then see if this fixes the problem.

If it wasn’t fixed, try checking Adobe Premiere Pro CS4’s system requirements to verify your machine if it is compatible to run with this software.

For the technical specifications of the product visit here.

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