Upgradation of Internet Explorer 7

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I posted this hoping that I’d get comments from users who are using IE8 or IE9 on Vista. I find IE7 annoying and I want to upgrade to either version. I want to hear from people regarding their experiences on using IE 8 or IE9. I am considering an upgrade to both versions but still quite reluctant since I’m hearing bad reviews especially for the IE8. I heard that IE9 is much improved from its earlier counterpart, which is IE8. I’d appreciate it if you share with me problems or issues with both or either of the IE8 or 9 that you experienced so far.

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Upgradation of Internet Explorer 7


Hi Taylor

You are really narrowing your options very much. There are other excellent browsers that you will find better than Internet Explorer 8. I don't like it much because it's so heavy and clustered.

First Mozilla Firefox, I think it has more followers that IE 8. It's very light and has a user friendly interface. It does well on performance except in some occasion.

Next is Google Chrome. This closely matches FireFox in performance and ease of use. You can also use your gmail account to store your browsing data and use in any computer you use to browse the internet.

There is also Safari which you can check out. Choosing the best browser depends on your likes and need so research well into each option.

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Upgradation of Internet Explorer 7


Hello Tyler,

Well, I am not an Internet Explorer fan myself but I have had the privilege of using internet explorer 8. To be it is bad news because it kept on hanging all the time, it is slow in loading web pages as compared to the other browsers like mozilla firefox and Google chrome. Sometimes it will fail to connect to the internet claiming that there was a problem with the network connection but firefox will connect without any trouble. But I have not used internet explorer 9 yet, and I hope those bugs have been fixed in it.

Otherwise my favorite browser is mozilla firefox. It is fast, has very good security features, it is light and you can see that from how it loads the web pages faster compared to IE, and I will recommend that you give it a shot. For sure it will not let you down.


Mahesh Babu

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