How can I embed m4v into html for PC viewing

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How can I embed a video in m4v file format into HTML?  Works fine on my ipod but doesn't work on a regular PC.  Can I embed m4v into html directly or do I have to convert it first as flv?

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How can I embed m4v into html for PC viewing


yes. you can directly embed .m4v into HTML file. to embed an m4v (which is similar to .mp4 with addition of optional drm support), you must include a reference <object> and <embed> in HTML. use this two tags to minimize any cross-browser compatibility problems.

these are the process:

1. open the file that containing your page's source code (a plain text file ending in the extension of .HTML or .php. you can use notepad for editing

2. scroll it down to the location in the document where you want to embed the .m4v file then copy-paste the code into this location, making no changed: locate the two parts of the code containing the string example.m4v, use the find function to your text editor.

4.find-replace the two instances in the code where the width="320" height="256" is indicated. replace the value of width with the actual width in pixels of the movie and also replace the value of height plus 16 pixel for the movie. this will be the height of the video control bar.

hope this will help you.

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