Updating id3 tags between iTunes and the iPhone

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Hi there,

Can you please inform me as to whether, when updating id3 information in iTunes, the info will also be updated on the iPhone? Usually, I play my tracks in the iPhone 4S by myself. One noticeable thing was that some of the labels were incorrect. To fix this, I altered the info on the get info list in iTunes. I did it with the iPhone. Though the updated ones are not shown on my iPhone, I get a notification from iTunes that they are correct. It is a completely new problem. It would be great to get your help.

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Updating id3 tags between iTunes and the iPhone


When you press the sync button, the iTunes does all the sync stuff between itself and the phone. There is nothing on the phone that is not being linked to the iTunes. There can be few reasons as to why you are getting this error.

  1. Maybe the changes that you have made are not saved properly both on your phone and the iTunes and that whenever you sync them, it tells you that they are correct.
  2. If you are still unsure that what the problem is, then make a list of those tracks that have incorrect info.
  3. After that, start correcting them one by one and then sync them to your phone.

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