An unknown installation error occurred.

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I am trying to install TotalTerminal 1.3 on Mac Pro I have plenty of hard disk space, and 16 GB of RAM OS ver. Is 10.6.8. During installation it will pass all the principal steps, but when the installation process begins, its giving an error message:

error occurred

"The installation failed.

An unknown installation error occurred.

The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."

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An unknown installation error occurred.



Hi there,
There are only two possible causes of the error you're getting.
Either your files are corrupted or you have some permission problems. Installer log would be of a great help in resolving the problem completely. 
If you have been changing users on your OS, you will need to revert back the old user to make the installation working.
In case it's not the user problem, your installation file is corrupted, so you will have to redownload it.

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