Unhandled Exception ​E0434F4D e0434f4dh at address 7C812A58h

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Hi, I just installed recently AutoCAD 2010 on my system but I got the following error message when I tried to save an existing drawing using the save as dialog. It had no issues for a few days but now I am unable to fix these errors. How can I fix this problem? Have you any idea to resolve this error? I would be grateful to you for any assistance.


Unhandled Exception ​E0434F4D (e0434f4dh) at address 7C812A58h

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Unhandled Exception ​E0434F4D e0434f4dh at address 7C812A58h


Hi Nancy,
The error is because of the incorrect version of DLL file.
There are multiple solutions to resolve this error.
Solution 1: Fix the DLL files in the system
1) The DLL is a shared library which can be accessed through the system
2) Windows applications install a copy of the DLL
3) As a result the version of the file is changed
4) Remove all the DLL files installed by windows
5) Install the DLL with correct version in the system

Solution 2: Disable the most recent users files list
1) Start AutoCAD
2) Run the 'OPTIONS' command
3) On the 'Open and Save' tab, set the value of 'Number of recently used files' to 0Number-of-recently-used-files

4) Click OK
5) Restart AutoCAD and select the File menu without crashing

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