Fastest text editor for Mac OSX

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Which is the simplest and fastest text editor for Mac OSX.

Please do the needful for suggesting a good text editor that can be downloaded from the internet for free of cost.


Athan Haas

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Fastest text editor for Mac OSX


Hi Athan!

Of course, there are a lot of text editors you can use for your Mac, free or for buy, but not all of them are useful and efficient. The best free text editor is Text Wrangler, that can be download for free. It is indeed fast and easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and it suits Mac perfectly. It has been downloaded by about 80,000 users, so you can say it has a lot of success among Mac users.

Another free text editor is Emacs/Carbon from the GNU Emacs. It is also pretty simple to use, it's extensible, but it becomes a little bit more technical than the Text Wrangler. You can't really say about it that it's user-friendly, but if you are more interested in what it can do, it's pretty good. It requires at least Mac 10.5 so be careful if it's compatible.

You can also try Smultron, a text editor that works better on Leopard than on any other version of Mac. The interface is a great advantage for this one, although the technical is side is worthy to be considered: HTML previews, a system file management developed with automatic authentication and also code highlighting are just a few of this editor's assets.

If none of the above works for you, go back to the basics. TextEdit is a simple word processor and text editor. Its functions are really basic and you can already find it in your Applications folder, on any OS X version. Too bad it can't keep up with many advanced tasks, but if you don't need such requirements, it's perfect for you.

Good luck with choosing the best text editor!

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