Unable to view a toolbar

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Hi friends,

I updated my browser from IE6 to IE8, unable to see the toolbar on the top.

Can anyone help me to get toolbar on the top?

Help would be appreciated!


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Unable to view a toolbar


As according to your problem and the .png you posted it appears that the Menu Bar is absent. What you have to do now is manually set up the menu bar in your Internet Explorer 8.

For regaining the Menu Bar or the Tool Bar you just can right click on the right side of the new tab bar and select the toolbar option; or

You can press the ALT + V key on your keyboard while using the Internet Explorer 8.

I think by following the above instruction your problem will be solved surely.

Follow the screen shot below:

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Unable to view a toolbar


I thought when you said toolbar you are referring to a specific toolbar. I think that’s default when you upgrade Microsoft Internet Explorer the menu bar is not activated. This toolbar is still included in the browser and cannot work without it. You just need to activate it to make it visible on the top pane.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 activate menu bar

To add the menu bar, on the upper right corner of the screen click “Tools”, “Toolbars”, and then select “Menu Bar”. That should activate the toolbar and add it in the top pane. Another way is to press the ALT key on your keyboard to bring down the top pane then click “View”, “Toolbars”, and then “Menu Bar”.

Pressing ALT + V also works like what the previous post says. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is the successor to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 developed by Microsoft in the Internet Explorer series of browsers released on March 19, 2009. It is the default web browser for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

It is the first version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the last of the major web browsers to pass the Acid2 test though it scored 24/100 on the Acid3 test.

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