Unable to use powerpoint files with embedded excel files.

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Dear techies,

I'm a translator and I sometimes receive powerpoint files with embedded excel files to translate. However, the files from one client never seem to work. They send me the main powerpoint file and all the excel files and I save them all straight into a folder but the links never seem to work. As soon as I start opening the files (excel files first) I get error messages saying "this file contains some links which are unavailable and cannot be updated".

Then in powerpoint I get a message asking me if I want to update the links or cancel, I've tried both options and neither works, as soon as I click on any tables I just get "link unavailable". I've been to the edit tables function and done "change source" for each table, pointing them to the folder on my PC where the excel files are saved.

The links were all different, pointing to the different excel files in question and it all looked good but when I went back to the powerpoint I had the same one table repeated throughout the document in every space where there was supposed to be a table! At one point I clicked on one of the tables and went to excel, I changed a few things but when I went back to powerpoint the whole page was covered with what looked like a whole worksheet, overlaying all the text and other tables. What is going wrong?

I really hope someone can help me as I'm likely to lose a client over this.

I have Office 2010 and also have some security thing enabled where I have to "enable content" of any file I open before I can alter it, in case that's relevant…

Please help me.


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Unable to use powerpoint files with embedded excel files.



It seems that your Excel files contains references to files in your client PC that were not transferred to you; to overcome this problem let's do the following: Open the excel files in your PC, then when you are prompted to update the links, click on No (don't update the links, the source file is not available).

Once the file is opened, select all the content of your spreadsheet (Ctrl+a), then make a copy (Ctrl+c), and then Right-click with the mouse and select "Paste Special", then select the paste per value. Once you do this, all the formulas and links in the Excel sheet will be replaced by the corresponding values, just make sure when you open your excel file the first time, do not do anything like filter or adding or removing any cell.

Just do this action for all excel files and let’s hope it will fix your problem.

Thank you

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