Unable to use any Anti-virus

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I am trying to uninstall the Trend Micro on my computer because my license has expired and I am not renewing my subscription at the moment.

Through the Control Panel, I uninstalled the program and my PC prompted me to restart it which I did 3 times. However, I saw that it was not uninstalled successfully. I tried to uninstall the program through the Programs menu on Start but then again, I was unsuccessful. I know this is not a problem with the application because I was able to uninstall the same program on another computer without any issues.

I decided to just install the AVG 2012 Free version but I was unable to do so. Now I am stuck with an unregistered version of Trend Micro which has limited functionalities and I cannot install the free version of AVG 2012. Any suggestions for both the removal of the Trend Micro and installation of AVG would be much appreciated.

unable to install the AVG 2012 Free version

AVG Setup Error

Severity: Error

Error code: 0xC0070643

Error message: Driver internal error.

Additional message: Driver installation failed (0x00000000)

Context: MSI action failed


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Unable to use any Anti-virus


Hi Paul,

Here are step by step directions for removing the Trend Micro program from your computer.

Go to the Start menu, Click on Computer, click on the drive the program is in. At this point you will click on Program files and locate the Trend Micro Folder, and open the folder. Find the program itself in the folder, right click the program within the folder and delete. A window will pop up asking if you want to delete any associated files, click yes to this option. After this is complete restart the computer and then you can install the AVG or whatever other antivirus software you choose to install.

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Unable to use any Anti-virus


This is because there is a proper way of uninstalling Trend Micro Programs. That is to use Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit .

You can also see there how to use the software.

But I think you already used the control – add/remove program to uninstall Trend Micro so the diagnostic toolkit might not anymore see it installed in your computer. Still give it a try.

If the diagnostic toolkit doesn't work you can remove the registry entry left by the program. You can use CCleaner which is a small size program or other registry remover programs. You can do manual removal of the registry but I prefer registry cleaner software's since they are safer for your computer.

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Unable to use any Anti-virus


Trial versions of most Antivirus software makers on the market today make it difficult to remove from your PC One way of removing is that you can Forcibly Uninstall AVG Trial Version uses a good Uninstaller tool, such as (Perfect Uninstaller). Perfect Uninstaller will fully uninstall AVG antivirus software from your computer for you and remove all traces of its files and extensions when Add/Remove Programs can't. AVG forces you to upgrade and Pay for the FULL VERSION after the trial version runs out!

Very clever of them don't you think? AVG is such companies that their support department won't help you that much with a Trial Version. Know how to use perfect Uninstaller for removing AVG.

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