Unable to successfully install Windows XP updates

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I am unable to successfully install updates with the following sizes: 2539631, 2478663, 2518870, and 2518864 kb. I have tried removing the .net framework using revo and the framework removal tool, but it still fails to update.

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Unable to successfully install Windows XP updates

Does it give you any errors?
When did the problem start?
What changes were done on the system before the problem actually started?
If there was a recent change on the computer’s settings or if there has been other software installed or updates installed prior to getting the problem, try and undo them by uninstalling said software or reverting the changes to the settings.
Try doing system restore back to a day when the computer was able to update itself successfully.
If you uninstalled .NET Framework, have it reinstalled and use the latest version. Latest would be .NET Framework 4. Then try doing the update again.
Also try disabling your Windows Firewall or any other firewall that you have then do the update.
Try to set your DNS settings manually as well. You may use public DNS addresses like and then try updating again.
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Unable to successfully install Windows XP updates


Hello Anna,

Have you checked that your primary hard drive has enough space to be able to accommodate the updates that you are trying to install? If not you will need to check that. Empty any unused files that may be taking up space of the hard drive using the disk clean up utility.

Also ensure that you have a strong internet connection to be able to download the files successfully. As you can see from the sizes, the updates are considerably big and therefore a slow or stalling internet connection could be the reason why they are not able to be downloaded and installed successfully.


Lee Hung


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