Unable to see the drives on my Computer

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Hello there guys,

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop with Windows 7. I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS along with Windows 7.

My C drive is having Windows 7, D drive is having Ubuntu. Previously I use to have an E drive but now it got disappeared. In the disk management tool, it is Being shown as logical partitions.

Can I delete that logical partition? If I do that, will it be shared between the C and D drives? Or that will simply remain uninitialized? Please share your thoughts here. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

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Unable to see the drives on my Computer


When you installed Ubuntu alongside Windows, Ubuntu has reconfigured any drive that didn't contain the Windows 7 system files, and so it has been configured in an alternative/unknown format unrecognizable by Windows (maybe EXT4 or EXT3).

First, boot into Ubuntu and back-up any files on your current E drive by using a DVD or an USB. Or you can copy them from the E drive to the D drive where Ubuntu is installed. 

If the E drive is not accessible, then by deleting the partition unused space will be created as a whole. All the unused space that is not partitioned is stored so that i can be used as the user wants to.

The unpartitioned space can be used to create a new E drive, or you can add it to other drives by expanding their current capacity. 

I would recommend using GParted as your default partition editor, and using Ubuntu as your operating system during this procedure. The program will allow you to do what has been mentioned before, and it recognizes any existing format.


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