Laptop Resolution is too high that I can’t even read the text

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I am using Windows 7 in my laptop.

I am facing trouble in my laptop with its screen resolution. My screen resolution is 1920*1200 which is so high. It makes so many problems. It is making the text size so small that is now very hard to read.

I am asking a help from someone about this matter. What really I can do about it?

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Laptop Resolution is too high that I can’t even read the text


The obvious answer is the screen resolution of Windows – and back to the days of CRT monitors, it was the right answer. But LCD screens durable, natural resolution, commonly referred to as native resolution. They can carry only low-resolution image upconverting – add pixels, for example, create a graphic fill a 1680×1050 screen 1920×1200.  This inevitably distorts and blurs the picture. 

To understand why, consider these two images:

  • One left, one 8×8 resolution, with a red box with 1 / 4 the height and width of the screen gets all. But the resolution is upconverted to 10×10, the dimensions could not be reached. The red box is either too large or too small.
  • However, turning around the gap edges can be explained, the result is inevitably a compromise. Of course, such distortions less than a 1920×1200 screen with 10×10 is extreme.
  • A better solution for fixing inch (dpi) for each "change Windows dots. Or draw a ten-point type – – large text and objects on the screen to draw more pixel of an inch using Windows.

Hope you have understood my post.

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Laptop Resolution is too high that I can’t even read the text

  • You can change your VGA card for a better resolution on your screen as well as if you know that you can also change your screen resolution. it can be done by just right clicking on desktop and then go to PROPERTIES now in the setting tab you can choose 1024*786 it is the right resolution you have to use in your  PC to make it clear.
  • Anyhow, if you're familiar with this, then you can check you VGA card and check if it is working properly.  To do so, you can choose START and click on RUN ; here type DXDIAG and under video tab you will see your video test.  Take this test and you will see what  the problem is with your PC.
  • Check your monitor settings, if  it supports low resolutions. Or you can execute on SAFE mode, to get it low as it always runs on 800*600 resolutions.  So if you have problem here, then you can check it also.

Now its time to say good bye.

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