How to see last thing done on any computer?

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How can you see what the last thing done on your computer and what websites were last visited in window 7?

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How to see last thing done on any computer?


Hi Charles Garcia,

Well, it is hardly possible to view Windows’ history, or what has transpired in your Windows personal computer. Rather, you could only view log-in history like log-on, log-off, and other details.

Well, if you want to know those things, then just check it in this link.

However, you can always check the history of the web browsers.

You can check every web site it has visited in the previous browsing, but you can view it if only its history was not erased or anything, or was used in private browsing.

Anyway, you did not specify the browser so I will just instruct you how on popular browsers.

Here are the steps:

In Internet Explorer:

1. Click the star icon above.

2. Click History.

In Chrome:

  • Press Ctrl+H


  • Press the Wrench Icon at the upper right corner.
  • Then click history.

In Mozilla:

  • Just press Ctrl+Shift+H

Mathew Joni

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How to see last thing done on any computer?


I don’t think it’s possible with the personal desktop computer. I mean, you can always check the very last website you visited with your web browser but with a computer, it may not be possible with the activities in the computer.

There is no option or function available on the computer or particularly in the operating system that will display the activities done by the user for the whole day.

I think this is because of the too many processes that are running on the computer like the services and other programs running in the background that runs the operating system adding to this the programs the user will be using.

With a web browser, there are no other processes running besides displaying the page on the web browser. Majority of the web browsers are using CTRL + H to display the web browser’s browsing history.

So, to see the last website you visited simply press CTRL + H on your keyboard and you will see the last website you accessed. It is usually the first entry on top of the list.

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