Unable to open Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Hi all 

The previous time I was with it, I was giving an order for printing some pictures through Kodak.

Mention that, I live in a countryside area and here no high speed internet is available; as a result, it was getting some times to load the images. At that time, we found a thunderstorm as well as severe lightning when the pictures were loading. So, I closed in the mid time and turn off the computer to avoid damage.

After that, when I want to open Elements, immediately I find the error saying that,

Adobe Photoshop Elements has encountered a problem and needs to close.

However, it offers me the preference to report about this error and I have done every time, but still I cannot find a system to reach my images.

Some questions, I try to reinstall the program after uninstalling it, will I misplace all of my images?

Can I apply the software disc again because already it’s been setup four computers? Need a solution. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Unable to open Adobe Photoshop Elements



At the time you uninstall the software if you select complete uninstall then computer memory will not save any previous data. In that case data will miss. You can use the software disk to make new installation if the disk system allows.

As you were downloading data from internet there is a high possibility to download error images. As you shut down you computer to avoid damage the memory may not got enough time to save data.

Try to download your data again or collect through other portable device. When computer memory fails to save data then it is not possible to recollect those data from computer memory.

Thank You.

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Unable to open Adobe Photoshop Elements


Hello Abraham,

The reason why you are getting that error is because the data files for the Photoshop Elements online services are have been damaged. You will therefore need to recreate them using the following procedure:

  1. First you will have to exit all open applications.
  2. And then go to Windows Explorer and  do one of the following from there:

    • If you are using Windows XP: Go to C:Documents and Settings[your user name]Application DataAdobeOnline Services.
    • If you are using Windows Vista: Trace C:Users[your user name]AppDataRoamingAdobeOnline Services.

      Note that the path indicated above have got hidden folders, and Windows Explorer does not show the hidden files or folders by default. What you will need to do to make these hidden files and folders visible is by clicking on "Show hidden files and folders.

  3. After you have done the above you will have to get rid of the Photoshop Elements folder.
  4. And then you will open the Photoshop Elements Organizer. This program will re-make the Photoshop Elements folder as well as the online services data files.

Hope this helps.



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