Unable to import picture due to conversion errors

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I'm adding a picture to my wallpaper with Bodhi Linux. I tried to go to the settings and choose the wallpaper and then picture but the error still appears. It keeps on saying "Enlightenment was unable to import he picture due to conversion errors." I tried to modify the themes but it did not help. Everything is up-to-date. What should I do?

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Unable to import picture due to conversion errors


For Microsoft Windows, we are very accustomed when setting up a picture for wallpaper we just go to the Display Properties, select the image, and set it as wallpaper that easy. But in Bodhi Linux, changing the wallpaper is much different because the operating system utilizes Enlightenment as the desktop. But changing the wallpaper is easy once you know where to look.

To change the wallpaper in Bodhi Linux, click anywhere on the desktop using the left mouse button, go to Settings then Wallpaper. In Wallpaper Settings screen, click Picture. See image.

On the next screen, browse and select the picture you want to use as wallpaper and then click OK. After that, set how you want the image to be displayed like tile, stretch, center, or fill as well as the quality of the picture. Click Advanced. Here, you can select All Desktops if you want to use the wallpaper for all desktops or users or you can select This Desktop if you want to use it only for your own user.

Lastly, click OK to finally apply and display the image as your wallpaper. This is the proper way of changing or setting the wallpaper in Bodhi Linux.

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