Unable to connect Wireless issue

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I am having problem with my wireless router not getting connected to the internet. I have a Wired Broadband internet connection which is connected to my Desktop computer thru a modem provided by ISP. I decided to share internet connection on my other Laptop systems at home using a D-Link Wireless router.

I am not a tech savvy person, and the Broadband cable does not have provision to connect directly to the D-Link Router (Cable does not have a switch but a pin connected to the modem), so I decided to go by simple logic. I allowed my wired cable to remain connected to the modem and then connected the Router to the modem using LAN Cable.

I thought that I am fairing well all these while, but I lose the internet connectivity the moment LAN is connect, and I get a bang (yellow exclamation mark) on to the network in notification area. The IP Address also changes to 169.xxxx.x.x.

I tried configuring my D-Link router from support web site but all in vain. I also tried resetting the router and performing ipconfig/reset & ipconfig/renew, but no go. My wireless connection is not showing in, when I checked in home network and it is showing as no network setup or access. It’s a Desktop with D-Link router and Windows 7 installed. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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Unable to connect Wireless issue


Hell Mr. Aaren Dave,

As I understand you are trying to create your own network group and connect/share the group with the internet connection. There are several types of Router available in the market but the recommended once are g & n routers because they provide strong wireless signal with enlightening speed.

  1. Getting back to your issue, we need to have a Wireless PCI Network card. Please check if the desktop system is installed with a Wireless PCI network card or not. Definitely it’s not a rocket-science to determine if the system is installed with Wireless PCI network card or not.

    1. Just as the name suggest, any wireless device will have an antenna either within or outside of the device. So check within the system if any antenna is plugged in. If yes, means your system is equipped with Wireless PCI network card.
    2. Other simplest you is to check in device manager. For windows 7 OS – simply click on start tab and type “Device Manage” in the search box. Expand the option “Network Adapters” in device manager and check for the listing – Wireless 802.11…. If yes, means you have Wireless PCI network card installed.
    3. Alternate way to check would be to click start and type “CMD” in search box and hit enter. This will open up a command prompt. Type “IPCONFIG” against ‘C’ prompt and hit enter. This will list all the networking devices installed on your desktop. If you have “Ethernet Wireless Adaptor” listed means you have Wireless PCI network card installed on the desktop.
  2. Please install Wireless PCI network card if you don’t have one because without it you will not be able to configure Router and internet to work. Here are steps to get you install Wireless PCI network card:-

a. Shut down the desktop and unplug power cable from the desktop. Arrange for a screw
driver and open up the side cover of the desktop tower.

b. Gently insert the Wireless PCI network card in the PCI slot meant for Wireless PCI
network card. Make sure the interface tab of the Wireless PCI network card is facing the
slot and press it firmly to secure its position. Close the cover once done.

c. Plug in the power cable, turn on the desktop and install the Wireless PCI network card
drivers provided by manufacturer.

3. From here on it is pretty much easy to connect internet through your router and share
amongst your network group.

a. Before this I would strongly recommend to secure and protect your wireless network because most of the Routers come along with default username i.e. “admin” and generally password is left blanks. So the recommendations are to change the default user name and create a strong password for your wireless network. This will prevent outside wireless network group to access any of your personal data or information within your own wireless network group. In addition to this, also create network security code to provide additional security from unauthorized access.

b. Here are the steps to create additional security:-

  1. Click Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >> Set up a new connection or network >> Next >> follow the instructions to complete setting up network.
  2. Adding and activating a firewall will help in protecting your system with any malicious programs or software’s.

c. You can add computers to the network by clicking on network icon in notification area and then add the network you want to get connected. You may have to enter security code if at all generated.

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Unable to connect Wireless issue


In this case you can check the following things:

  1. The cable you are using is working perfectly. If the wireless just transmits signals then check the signal level.
  2. The router does not require some special settings to be effective.
  3. Check that your service provider allows more then one user at a time.
  4. Check you services that to make shore that the LAN connection is in active or not, to do so go to START and RUN and then type services.msc here check your networking related problems. Please keep in mind that these services are the core of the computer and you have to change them with responsibility. Any major change can cause to stop your PC, so be care full.
  5. Check that the IP addresses are not same on a computer. 

I hope it will help you a lot although if the problem is not solved then check for your service provider.

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