“Unable to connect to Printer”

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Connection problem with printer to pc during printing from MS word and MS excel 2010.

After installing Microsoft Office 2011 to my computer, problems occurred in my computer when I tried to use MS word and MS excel for printing.
As stated from the message I saw from my computer, it was not able to connect printer and when I tried to print any documents from MS word or MS excel, it shows like this: “Unable to connect to printer”.
Anybody out there can help me solve with this kind of problem? I would be grateful if anyone kindly comes up with healthy solution regarding this problem.
Thank you.
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“Unable to connect to Printer”


Since you upgraded your computer network, it may get lost your previous copiers faxes printers etc. So you need to reinstall your printer.

It depends if its connected directly to your computer or through a server if directly just make sure plug is properly put in, if your printer is connected through the server follow these steps:

1) Press the start button.

2) Click on "printers and faxes".

3) Click on "add a printer" and it should recognize the copy machine that is put in.

These steps shall be taken even if the printer is connected directly and it comes up: “Unable to connect to printer”.

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“Unable to connect to Printer”


Are you having this problem in other programs? If yes then check the printer connections. One of your cords may have become lose. This is a very common problem so it's good to check this anytime you have a printer error of unable to print. If you are only having this problem in MS Office then try to fix by repairing MS Office.

To repair MS Office go to start then select control panel then select uninstall a program then select MS Office then select repair option and MS Office will get the repair. Now after repairing see if you can print. If the answer is still no uninstall MS Office from your computer then restart your computer after restarting your computer delete all temp files.

If you do not know how to delete temp files follow these steps. Go to start then select all programs select accessories select system tools select disk clean up use windows utility to delete them. After removing temp files install MS Office on computer again. This should fix the problem.

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“Unable to connect to Printer”



I didn’t upgrade my network system. I just installed a newer MS Office. But, I did try using your advise. I just re-installed my printer driver and it works now.


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