Unable to attach files to Email after performing system upgrade

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Tech experts I can use your help with something.  My boss has Office 2010 Professional installed on his PC, running on Windows 7 and installed in Parallels 6 for Mac OS X Lion.Also  we are using an Exchange 2007 server.

However, He is unable to open attachments sent to his email. There are no error messages telling him what’s wrong but every time he clicks on the attachment it just doesn’t open.

He has no trouble attaching files from both the Windows and Mac desktop though. It used to work fine ,but I am assuming that probably because of the updates there are now conflicts in the systems.

Can you please provide us with some assistance and let me know  what we can try to possibly fix this issue. Thank you

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Unable to attach files to Email after performing system upgrade


Hi Frank,

You were unable to open file attachment because of file format issues. I suggest you to change the security settings on your outlook express.

  • Go to tools and then menu
  • Click security tab
  • Uncheck the box saying "do not allow attachments to be saved, etc."
  • You should be able to view the attachments once you follow the process

A simple reminder: Do not open an attachment if you can't determine if it is safe to open or not. Make sure that the attachment is from someone you know or someone you trust.

If the attachment on your email seems to be very suspiscious, I recommend you to delete it right away to avoid computer virus.


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Unable to attach files to Email after performing system upgrade


Hi Frank

What is the browser you use. This problem could be caused by the browser you were using. This may happen sometimes if the security settings are too high, because it sees the attachment as a potential threat as executable file could be contained within.

Try lowering the security settings and see whether it works. But usually it will open a dialogue box giving you are warning and lets you choose whether to run it or save it.

This makes me think that is it a bug in the browser. Use another browser to open the attachment. An update should eventually fix this problem.

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Unable to attach files to Email after performing system upgrade



Hi Frank, I have some solution for this and looking forward to answer and help to fix this issue. As I read your problem regarding unable to open attachments sent to his mail and i will tell you that the most common cause for this issue if there is an outlook express installed in your pc is because of the security setting of this.

I suggest to try to open it and locate the tools then open the options menu and open the security tab. There will be an indication or check box that "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus".

Try to uncheck the box and re-open the attachments and I hope it will work. If not you must to consider also that the attachment may not be in the format that you are able to view.

Sometimes, if there is not software/program installed on you pc that can be associated in the attachment file extension you cannot open it and you must be aware of it.

For example if the file extension is .xls it means that this is a file from EXCEL and the receiver must have also an EXCEL to view the content of .xls.

I hope it will help you and gain information to fix your problem.

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